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The team of scientists is headed by Prof. Remigio R Cortés Rodríguez. PhD, who for more than 30 years has coordinated scientistfic research with the participation of more than 50 science doctors with experience in the development of more than 100 patents on procedures and obtaining raw materials and active ingredients that have made it possible to obtain new antibiotics, vaccines and other medications that are currently unique in the world, as well as nutraceuticals, foods, cosmetics, cosmeceuticals and other therapeutic products. 

The experience and scientific work of the team has allowed them to obtain dozens of national and international awards, decorations and recognitions such as: (1) International Prize: Gold Medal of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). (2) International Prize: Winner of the "RAMS" gold medal for the best work of young scientists that gave the right to participate in the 60th meeting of Nobel Prize winners for young scientists. (3) International Award: "XXX" Anniversary Medal of the Latin American Toxicology Association, for its contribution to the development of toxicology in Latin America. (4) International awards for the best scientistfic works presented at international events. (5) Members of the World Genomics Consortium. (6) Members of the Editorial Committee of various scientific magazines. (7) Creation of a network for the development of new biopharmaceutical technologies and methodology that allows increasing competition and the social and economic impact of the pharmaceutical industries. Founded and endorsed by the European Commission with a financing of € 1,017,384. (8) Conception and creation of an artificial intelligence laboratory for the rational development of medicines. Founded and endorsed by the Spanish cooperation agency with funding of € 254,800. (9) Expansion of academic capacity in the field of biopharmaceutical sciences linked to the development of new drugs. Founded and guaranteed by the Spanish cooperation agency with funding of € 230000. (10) Development of "in silico" experimental models to determine and predict experimental bioavailability models through drug prediction studies: it was validated and experimentally endorsed by the Spanish cooperation agency with funding of € 34,000. (11) Development new drug with bactericidal and fungicidal action. Founded with 1 500,000 USD by NAFAR LABORATORIES Mexico. (12) Development of the "MEDICINAL INTELLIGENCE SYSTEM": Financing with 4.5 million USD for its development by current investors business partners. (13) More than 3,000 scientific articles published in scientific journals, including those with the greatest impact worldwide. (14) Several Annual Awards for Scientistfic - Technical Merit awarded by the Cuban Minister of Higher Education. (15) Several Special awards given by the Minister of Science, Technology and Environment of Cuba, for the work of greatest scientistfic relevance in the country. (16) Several Annual Prizes awarded by the Cuban Academy of Sciences for scientistfic works of greater national relevance. (17) Others.

Raw material suppliers

Our scientists have more than 20  years of experience in management processes and technological innovation associated with the development of the vegan food project. The conditions for the production of ecological raw materials have been created through the use of bio-products, we have optimized planting processes with higher harvest yields and productivity; All this knowledge will be shared with our suppliers to establish links, and ensure that the product reaches the highest quality and at the lowest possible cost.

Vertical planting project

The team of scientists and professionals of “Jungle Foods” has also developed improvements to the vertical planting project, a planting and management project that uses a mechanical track movement system capable of increasing crop yields by 7 times per square meter , consuming 75% less water and reducing operating costs. This project will be implemented in associated suppliers and in own plantations of Jungle Foods Company.

How to work with our suppliers?

This will be another differential of “Jungle Foods Company”, the company will scientifically help our suppliers, no other vegan meat company does the same, we will be the only ones to develop qualified suppliers, who will use our technology and have the advantages and facilities, in addition to The best prices and payment terms.