About Us

"The Jungle Foods" is a company that was recently created as a result of the merger of several corporations that for more than 25 years have been dedicated to research, development, and the search for technological solutions for the development of Medicinal Intelligence Systems  for the diagnosis and suggestion of protocols for the prevention, treatment, control and cure of diseases and the generation of patents linked to the development of medicines, nutritional supplements, cosmetics and food.

"The Jungle Foods" presents a modern, novel, practical and innovative vision to produce organic vegan foods of excellent quality and high nutritional properties, developed under environmentally friendly processes.
We have developed technological processes that allow us to produce, at low cost, a wide variety of vegan products that will be marketed at low prices to favor purchasing options for all sectors and segments of the population considered vegan and non-vegan.

The varied range of milk and vegan fibers with flavors and textures similar to pork, chicken, lamb, beef and fish are a real option to improve the health of all people, contribute to the reduction of environmental pollution, mitigate hunger and reduce animal husbandry and slaughter globally.


The basic technologies for producing meats, and vegan milks, are designed to produce more than 250 "smart" foods aimed to population segments, ethnicities and geographical regions with specific nutrient requirements necessary for disease prevention, control or treatment, as well as for athletes and those who want to improve their physical performance.

We work on the development of new technologies that obtain proteins and other nutrients from sustainable, and viable raw materials at very low costs.

Why Jungle Foods?

The world produced 573 million tons of meat of all kinds of animals in 2019. However, the real needs of meat in 2019 were 700 million tons. In 2050 the world will have 10 billion people, and it is estimated that animal meat production will reach a maximum capacity of 750 million tons. A production of this magnitude can deplete some land resources, and have an irreversible negative impact on the environment.
The demand for meat will increase by 70% and reach 1.2 billion tons per year by 2050. According to experts, vegetarian meat is not only a necessity for a healthy diet of people, but is considered as a forced option To heal the planet.

To meet the needs of meats it will be necessary to produce between 700 and 800 million tons of vegan meat per year, from 2050, to reduce the negative impacts generated by the meat industry of animal origin in man and the ecosystem, to mitigate the hunger and to reduce the suffering of animals used for human consumption.
Jungle Foods can contribute to the resolution of this problem because it is the only company, in the world, that has the technologies to produce vegan meat with a taste and texture similar to the meat of animals that are marketed worldwide today .

Jungle Foods has planned a strategy to create conditions for the production of up to hundreds of million tons per year of meat  in 2050, as well as milk, cheese and other products that will be supplemented to achieve therapeutic actions in population sectors and ethnic groups with specific needs.

Our Products
Vegan Meat (all flavors)
Vegan Salami
Vegan Ham
Cereal Bar
Protein Bar
Vegan Milk
Cheese (all types, including Jungle Foods recipe)
Creamy Cheese
Ice Creams
Milk Cream
Condensed Milk
Powdered milk
Special powder for cakes and processed products
Ready-made products such as milk breads and others
Industrialized products
Allergy Products

And more than 350 products


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Jungle Beer


Beers whith tropical Flavors

Line of special beers, using the conventional beer recipe and adding the flavor of the forest in addition to the characteristic flavor of beer the consumer will have the pleasure of having a pleasant surprise with the special touch of Jungle Foods Unique beer in the world in its composition that will satisfy with the conventional taste of beer and will have the sensation of energy drinks


With the Flavors​

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